Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012: My Year in Books

For the last several years I've tried to make a point of reading 100 books in a year. Last year I only managed read around 67 titles. Not a large number, but a little over half of my year-end goal. It was a big dent, but I, for whatever reason, didn't get around to reading all of the titles I had picked up of my own volition, or had been gifted for consideration for review for Sci-Fi Guys. Therefore, I'm going to make up for it as much as possible in 2012. Although I say that now, I can't promise that I'll get to all of them in the new year.

I can promise, however, that come hell or high water, I'm going to read 100 titles in 2012. But, I said that in 2011, and only managed a meager 67 titles read. I also said the same thing in 2011, but only got around to 75 titles. Yes, the latter was a few inches closer than 2010's list, but not close enough. Hell, it wasn't even close enough for a cigar; there was no 100, or click over to 101.

When that happens, I promise you there'll be a picture of me with a big ol' fat stogie, but until then, no cigar.

So, I've decided to devote The Bloody Pen to several things this year. In addition to reading 100 novels a year, I plan on reading a short story a day for a full year. (The short story collections will count towards the 100 novels a year). And, finally, interviewing new authors, specifically the ones who haven't managed to find a publisher yet. But, the latter two will come later. Until then, keep your eyes on a new tap to pop up within the next day or so, and a second tab to follow soon after. These will both be updated lists that will track my reading throughout the year.

And hopefully, if there's time, I'll post quick reviews of both novels and stories here, when the time permits. And whatever titles fall into the Sci-Fi Guys category will get a full treatment, and a cross post here.

This place is gunna be hoppin'; and hopefully turn into a real blog!