Books Read in 2012

Here's what I've read, and am currently reading in 2012. The list is not confined to just novels. Novellas, novels, novelettes, trade-paperback comics, and biographies/autobiographies also make up the list. Not everyone would consider these acceptable, but I do. With each title, there'll be a link attached, and with each author or editor there'll be a link directly to their website (if one is available). Below both of those will be a link to a full review of the title.

Here's my list for 2012:


1.) Prayers on the Wind, Walter Jon Williams /5
2.) Switchblade Goddess, Lucy A. Snyder 5/5
3.) Fables Vol. 1: Legends in Exile, Bill Willingham 4.5/5
4.) A Pack of Wolves, Eric S. Brown 1/5
5.) Doctor Who: The Invasion, Ian Marter 3/5
6.) Age of Legends, (Edited by) Christian Dunn 3.5/5
7.) Empire State, Adam Christopher 4/5
8.) B.P.R.D., Vol. 1: The Hollow Earth and Other Stories, Mike Mignola 4/5
9.) Bigfoot War, Eric S. Brown 3.5/5
10.) The Girl in the Garden, Kamala Nair 5/5
11.) Fables Vol. 2: Animal Farm, Bill Willingham 5/5
12.) B.P.R.D., Vol. 2: The Soul of Venice and Other Stories, Mike Mignola 4/5
13.) Babylon Steel, Gaie Sebold 4.5/5
14.) Giant Thief, David Tallerman 4/5
15.) Sabbat Worlds, (Edited by) Dan Abnett 4.5/5


16.) City of the Lost, Stephen Blackmoore 4.5/5
17.) High Cotton, Joe R. Lansdale 5/5
18.) Raylan, Elmore Leonard 4/5
19.) Dead Harvest, Chris F. Holm 4.5/5
20.) Starve Better, Nick Mamatas 5/5
21.) Shotgun Gravy, Chuck Wendig 4/5
22.) Devil's Marionette, Maurice Broaddus 5/5
23.) Poseidon's Children, Michael West 3.5/5
24.) Judge Dredd: Crusade, Grant Morrison 4/5


25.) Evil Dark, Justin Gustainis 4/5
26.) Clown in the Moonlight, Tom Piccirilli 3.5/5
27.) Midnight Riot, Ben Aaronovitch 4.5/5
28.) Moon Over Soho, Ben Aaronovitch
29.) Redheart, Jackie Gamber
30.) Slaine: Book of Invasions Vol. 1, Pat Mills
30.) Jane Carver of Waar, Nathan Long
31.) Gotrek and Felix Anthology, (Edited by) Christian Dunn
32.) Sela, Jackie Gamber
33.) King Scratch, Jordan Krall 3/5
34.) The Apex Book of World SF, (Edited by) Lavie Tidhar
To Be Read in 2012:

Blood Ocean, Weston Ochse
Machine, Jennifer Pelland
The Brotherhood of Dwarves, D.A. Adams
Greatshadow, James Maxey
The Exodus Gate, Stephen Zimmer
Ragamuffin, Tobias S. Buckell
Ellen Foster, Kaye Gibbons
Unwelcome Bodies, Jennifer Pelland
Armadillo Fists, Carlton Mellick III
The Damned Highway, Brian Keene & Nick Mamatas
Inferno, Jerry Pournelle & Larry Niven

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