Friday, March 5, 2010

I, Will: 1. 10 Again.

1. 10 Again.

When mom had gotten home from work she was still angry about the phone call incident, but didn’t seem to want to talk about it too much. She looked tired, and her clothes were all out of whack, like she had tried dressing herself with one hand in the dark, drunk off her ass.

The drunk off her ass part I could believe.

“Go to bed. Tomorrow you and I are going to go somewhere, and I want you to be as well rested as possible,” she told me, her cold lips kissing me on the forehead. I returned the kiss, only I placed mine on her cheek. It was cold and clammy, and up close I realized that she smelt like dirt and Rosco – my hamster – after I had found him decomposing behind my dresser, a month after he escaped from his cage.

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