Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Final Jest.

I don't really have much to put up here for now, besides a few new weekly things that I will be implementing here within the next few days -- upwards even of a week -- so hang around and we'll see what becomes of this site. I still don't have a real good idea of what I would like to do with The Bloody Pen, but I don't think it matters much so long as I'm getting some writing in.

So, until I start posting weekly bits, I figured I'd post up a poem that I wrote a little over a year ago, in the transition period between President George W. bush and -- at the time -- President-Elect Obama. It was then that I realized that this lovely nation of ours was going down the toilet fast -- knew it even before then, with good ol' Bush and the Patriot Act -- and so I wrote this poem. There were many things that I wanted to say, and many more that were stillj flaoting around in my brain but hadn't found any mental ground to anchor too. Both types of ideas show up in this piece; where one ends and the other begins, I couldn't point out to you, because it all just poured out of me in about twenty minutes.

There's a lot that is being said in it, and I think I'm noticing these things more so now that I can sit back and read it over without having those ideas flaoting around in my head. And when I do read it I find that there are even more things being said than what I originall intended.

Okay, I'll shut up now, here's the poem:

The Final Jest

Cut out the weakness; prolong the sickness,

Corrupt the single minded body; this giant,

Just look me in the eyes and say I'm wrong,

Even though deep inside you know that I'm right,

A government for the people and by the people,

No longer exists, it's a flat out lie; the final jest,

They'll smash the ancient scrolls with giant fists,

And bring about the chains of tyranny that instill us,

Swallow the bitter pills of ash, blood and fate,

And fall into bed with their lies and justification,

Smile sweetly as the pictures taken,

And cry as the world burns beneath your feet,

Your tears will stain the pages of history,

And then they'll see, just like you and me,

That we were manipulated and taken for the fool,

Your slate wiped clean; lost in the sands of time,

This is the final warning that shall be given brothers,

Hear the angels harp as it cries out for blood!

Retribution is needed; raise your arms in defense,

Remember to smile politely when they take you away,

Dance the dance of death; the final jest,

And sing with me as we bleed for them,

Bittersweet victory, we've won at last!

Glorify the Lord's name and watch them burn in hell.

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